Thursday, February 5, 2015

I guess it has been a few years (?) since my last post!!  Hudson has been thriving ! He is now in grade 1 and able to check his blood sugar on his own at school... able to detect lows, and with the help of his teacher, he is able to treat these lows!

We have been stepping out as a family these last few years not only as a family but as ambassadors!
Hudson has been asked for the third year in a row to be the JDRF Ambassador for our region, which has now become a passion of ours.  To raise awareness of what Type 1 diabetes actually is.. what the symptoms are and that Hudson is perfectly normal, perfectly how he should be.. with something that won't limit him, but with something that makes him who he is without defining him.

This past summer was also a huge milestone for our family!  We left the country for 3 weeks!  We have never left Canada with Hudson since he was diagnosed.  We were scared to leave our comfort zone.  Scared of being so far from doctors that know him.  We were just scared.  But, having a slightly OCD mom... he was totally fine!  Being prepared for anything is a trademark of a type 1 mom.  Prepared for highs, lows, excessive amounts of supplies " just in case", totally not needed but for sound of mind, we got doctors notes for all his meds, pharmacist print outs that all these vials were for him, a plug in cooler for the car to keep everything safe and sound and cool.. over prepared.

But, one of the best parts of our leaving the country... was our little oasis in the desert... VEGAS!  My husbands parents own a place far far from the strip.  Far from the noise, and close to one of the BEST Children's Hospitals in the state! ( which was comforting even though I knew we didn't need it)  Hudson was in pure heaven! We found such a great balance with his constant request to swim in Opa's pool and the heat that would melt you in the middle of the day.  Excessive heat makes Hudson's blood thicken and thus makes his blood sugar sky rocket.. but pair that with the excursus of swimming for hours in the shadow of Lone Mountain... and we found the perfect way for him to burn off that high blood sugar!!! His blood sugar levels were incredible and hardly wavered from a perfect 8!  From Vegas we had planned some incredible memory makers!  We drove the few hours to Disney Land where Hudson received a Disability pass making him able to ride express pass rides without waiting in the hot sun for hours. I can't even begin to count how many times he rode the Star Tours ride... or splash mountain! This boy had no fear!  Tenley and I however do what girls do best.. and we shopped :)  For the record, I know have my own Jedi Knight living in my house, certification and all! And again, perfect numbers!

From the Happiest Place on earth we travelled to San Diego to visit the one and only Lego Land who also gave Hudson a disability pass which allowed him to jump to the very front of every single ride!  My Star Wars obsessed son would not allow us to leave Lego Land without  getting a picture of every.  single . star wars. display!  Memories to last a lifetime!

But, the place we found peace, where our family could relax and just be together was the ocean!   The kids' first time seeing the ocean, experiencing the waves, digging in real sand and not just " prairie kid" kind of sand that exists by a mock lake in the middle of  farmers field.  Real Sand!  A place where it was cool enough not to spike Hudson's sugars, but a place that allowed him to enjoy himself.  Enjoy the freedom and experience the therapeutic sounds that only the ocean can bring.

Somedays its still so hard to accept that my little boy will have this disease for the remainder of his long life.  Sometimes, especially at night, when I am up, checking his numbers at 3am... praying that they are normal and safe, in those hours when the rest of the world is asleep... everyone except us type 1 moms who are up to ensure our small ones wake up to see a new day.. on those nights when Hudson's lips are searching for a straw to drink yet another juice box while totally asleep... those nights I thank God that my son is alive.. That although he has this disease.. that he is here, alive and healthy.   He is safe, he is loved and he is well cared for by people who are an extension of me when I can't be there myself... ( although I could be the lingering mom in the hall ways.. but really, who would that benefit?)  I am amazed at the independence and the confidence this disease has brought my little guy..  he may have been force dot grow up against his will too soon, but he will be a boy who will change the world!  A boy who will influence the lives of many around him.   A boy destined for a purpose bigger than any of us know.  Hudson, with his contagious personality , his bright smile, quick wit and intelligence that still amazes me.  This boy, I am proud to call mine.

Hudson with a fellow type 1 and their teachers at the Telus walk to Cure Diabetes

Mr JDRF Ambassador

Our trip to Vegas with Gramma!

King of the Seaweed

At a Blue Jay's game in Anaheim.. He was hoping to see one of the 2 type 1 players for the Blue Jays

The mini wedding party for my sister's wedding

California Adventure

Hudson ( in the orange hat) chosen to participate in the Jedi Training session at Disney Land

Lego Land Adventures 
No Fear

Enjoying a sunset by our beach hotel

This boy