Monday, December 3, 2012

I can't believe its been 6 months since our last post!!! Things have gotten quite busy around here!  The summer was great with a blur of activity and settling into this new house.  Hudson had his first golf lesson and has become quite the golfer! This fall he started pre k which I had been secretly panicking about for the last little while.  Giving up control of him for 3 hours 2 days a week caused alot of sleepless nights on my part but he has been thriving and doing excellent!!  Here are a few updated pictures of what we have been up to!! Enjoy!!

The day after the tornado!!

Tornado coming up our back yard!! So scary!! Good thing I had everything packed in coolers under the stairs!
Telus Walk to Cure Diabetes - Hudson's Hulks - June

Telus Walk to Cure Diabetes
Talking with Mommy 

GO! TORNADOS!!!!! - Outdoor Soccer

A day in Waterton,Ab - going for a boat ride  

Left the kids for a week to go to Las Vegas with the hubby for a much needed vacation!! Thanks Mom!!! 
Life is good on the golf course!

High Five Daddy!! It went in!
Treating a low blood sugar at Cornfest!!! Yummy Cotton Candy!!
All that force feeding in the middle of the night and still.. NO CAVITIES!!!!

Supposedly Yoshi now has diabetes and is on an insulin pump :)
Hudson hanging out with his Hippo from Hippo & Friends

1st Day of Pre - K!!!!

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