Blink of an Eye Photography

Every shooting star we see, Every wishing well we pass, Every birthday candle we blow out, We all have the same wish ... A CURE FOR DIABETES

Hi my blog readers :)  So before all of this.. before Hudson became a diabetic.. I was and am a photographer :)  It is such a huge passion of mine.  From the peaks of majestic mountains to the tiniest whisper of a butterfly kiss... 
Have you ever witnessed a miracle?  Have you ever stood in awe?  Have you ever held an angel?  Have you ever been a spectator in the revealing of beauty?  Don't let these precious moments pass you by... life happens. 
 In the Blink of an Eye!


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Here are some samples of my work.  All food photography is thanks to Blink of an Eye Photography, specializing in Engagement, Maternity, Infant, and Child photography.