Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Crazy Numbers... Crazy Month

ok, I just realized I haven't posted in a while!!! So to my readers.. Oops :)
We have had a very busy few months.  We just moved into our dream home, and anyone who knows what moving is like, well, its stressful. Add in 2 demanding lil kids who are so excited, but all they want to do is unpack toys or have your attention.. well its 10 times harder :)  I love how excited they were.. but with this change came alot of work where diabetes was concerned.  Yes, diabetes decided to follow us to our new house... Hudson wished that it was "Sold" with our old house.  We battled mysterious high numbers that we were trying to control.  All the excitement from moving and a huge change must have done something to him, so for 3 weeks we were in constant contact with our diabetes educator, trying to figure out a safe way to handle these mysterious numbers.  We went from consistently great number days to numbers all over the map!!  Finally, after 3 weeks and doubling his night time insulin and upping his morning insulin, we finally got Hudson under control and back to amazing numbers.. FINALLY.  I was beginning to worry that a few high numbers a day was taking a toll on his poor lil body.  He was moody, he was grumpy, he wasn't sleeping great and waking up at night dizzy and pukey, which after 2 days, also mysteriously went away.. THANK GOD!! And now, this past week, my lil guy is back and enjoying his new home!! All he can keep saying is "I am so happy mommy" and "I love it here!" Yesterday was an amazing day with my kids.. the sun was out and bright and warm.  Perfect day to spend out side in the sprinkler and for a great walk around the golf course on the walking path.  We loaded up the wagon, gave the kids each a sucker.. which works great since it keeps them occupied and IN the wagon, and also helps Hudson's blood sugar and keeps it from dropping if he decides to get out and walk. Which they BOTH did, despite the amazing idea of suckers!  What should have taken 45 minutes tops, turned into an hour and a half adventure.  If you are walking around the path today, you will notice that there are no more white dandelions left.. my kids blew on every single one.. If you notice rocks on the path its because my lil kids were looking for worms for their new "pet" Sal the Salamander which was bravely caught on Sunday in our Sprinkler Box Control Station outside.. The time didn't matter to me.. we could have taken hours to walk that path.. I must admit though, looking across the golf course, waiting for my kids to stop scaring the birds, I was totally thinking of a great short cut that would get us from there and to my back yard that I could plainly see across the golf course.  Would all the golfers notice a bright green wagon with 2 happily loud kids sneaking across the grass?? probably.. :) so we continued our walk all the way around.. waving to every single old man golfer who would stop to just wave at the kids.  I enjoyed every single second of this simple but beautiful moment together.  I laughed hard and cheered them on as they played "Stomp Your Shadow" and watched as they ran hand in hand together up the path.  Such a great morning!!  
Hudson was so sleepy by that afternoon, so we decided to relax on the couch as his lil sister napped away the afternoon.  After an hour of relaxing we went back out to run through the worm sprinkler , and than decided to go out front in the shade to play chalk.  By that time, Tenley was awake and joining us in the quest to cover every inch of our doorstep.  By 5pm, Hudson was so exhausted but still had soccer to go to, which he did great in ( half the time!! the kids are all tired and hungry by the middle of the game.. so cute )  Thats when we noticed that Hudson was getting a bit warm.. and getting hotter.  I ran off to Zumba, thinking Hudson for sure would be in bed by the time I got home, since he was so so tired.  He wasn't.  He was boiling hot but feeling cold.   Wrapped up in blankets on the couch and trying so hard to stay up until I got home ( at 8pm)  we checked his lil finger, and he was running a bit high even after hardly eating any supper or bedtime snack.  we decided no bedtime insulin was in order since he never really ate anything, but still corrected the slightly high number with his other insulin to bring him down safely.  I went to tuck in lil miss Tenley and than went back to Hudsons room to read him some "Spikey" stories, but found him fast asleep.. water cup in hand.  He woke up at 11:30pm, screaming .. so after a potty break, I brought his lil boiling body to our bedroom.. checked his finger.. he was 26.8!  Corrected yet again with another .5 and let him sleep with his daddy ( who had to be gone at 5:30 am) Hudson slept all night!  I am thankful for the response of the Diabetes Online Community who were there to support us that late at night.. even when it was 2am and time to check their lil diabetics in the middle of the night!! ( thanks Ontario Moms!!! ) I was going to follow their advice and give him tylenol for the fever and take his temp.. but he slept and slept!  I am thankful for the people who prayed for our lil guy last night.. Hudson woke up with a great 7.7 and is eating a tiny bit of breakfast.  He is still exhausted but not as hot as he was yesterday.  Even though its supposed to be hot out again today, I think we are going to sit in the shade or relax on the couch.  We are thankful our lil guy made it through the night with out having to go to the ER.. and so thankful that his blood sugar came down from its dangerously high place!
Today will be another "Happy" day another day to celebrate that we made it through another obstacle we had not yet encountered. But can I just say... I hate that every single thing affects my lil guy.  Even a day filled with playing in the sun can have a dangerous effect on his little body hours later :( 

Such a brave Salamander Catcher!

Hi Sal!!!! The kids are in love with the thing.. I refuse to keep him!

So fascinated by him! She watched him and talked to him for a long time.. Trying to touch him too!

Who can resist this smiley happy face!?!

No matter what the bottle says, Crayola Color bubbles DO stain your skin! But were still a fun thing to play with

Saying "Cheese"

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